With Lisa’s extensive knowledge of functional medicine and mineral balance, she can help you to overcome debilitating symptoms and discover the true root of your health problems.  Lisa has been sought out by many as more and more people have autoimmune, hormone, fatigue, gut and thyroid issues.

Lisa works with many amateur and professional athletes with regards to mineral balance and uses intelligent nutritional programming to help them not only achieve within their sport but get them onto the podium.  Being an internationally acclaimed athlete, Lisa understands the challenges faced by athletes, teams and those in the competitive world. Lisa’s true drive comes from supporting and educating clients, practitioners, coaches and high performers to reach their goals.


Lisa has been running businesses for over 20 years and a time came after opening her last business in 2009 when she knew she was in trouble.  She had pushed herself past the point of burn-out and when attempting to step away from the now profitable business and start looking after her health; she hit a wall.  Lisa could barely get out of bed in the morning. She searched for answers, spent thousands of dollars on supplements and natural therapies; but ultimately was left feeling lethargic, depressed, hopeless and alone.



One day as luck would have it a friend referred her to a Functional Medicine Practitioner (FDN). With the use of different diagnostic tests, it came to light that Lisa was B12 deficient, anemic, hypothyroid, estrogen dominant, had a parasite, a bacterial infection, candida, food intolerances and was suffering from adrenal dysfunction. Lisa made her decision while working with an FDN to change career path and start her intense study in the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Program. After making some some great progress in her health she was feeling significantly better than she had in years; but was still not 100%, despite doing everything right!!!  …….so what was she missing?


The missing piece turned out to be HTMA!  A functional test that has been around for decades and is packed with information; yet very few practitioners know about it! After doing the HTMA test Lisa found that she had elevated Uranium and  Copper toxicity (most likely from years of using birth control pills) ……this was the last piece of the puzzle that she needed. She implemented protocols to detox heavy metals, as well as support and balance the body’s mineral structure and she finally started to truly feel like herself again!


Even though this journey was a tough one, Lisa continued to strive to be better than she was yesterday. Throughout the healing process she started to slowly get back into fitness with some weightlifting and kettlebell training.  In 2014 she discovered the world Kettlebell Sport and competed in her first local competition in the Spring of 2015. Now she is a multi-time World Champion and has travelled all over the world competing and coaching. Lisa has many students competing at the world level and some World Champions in their discipline. She is the co-founder of the United Kettlebell Academy, the host of the LPK Health & Performance Human Optimization podcast and absolutely loves educating people.



Lisa Pitel-Killah is a Mineral Balance Expert, multi-time Kettlebell Sport World Champion and is super passionate about sharing HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) and kettlebells with the world!  She helps clients and athletes use HTMA to eliminate debilitating symptoms, improve energy, gain reps in the gym or get to the top of the podium in their sport. Lisa educates practitioners and coaches about HTMA and how to understand and implement this valuable test into their current practice.


  • Hon. Bachelor of Commerce – University of Windsor (1996)
  • Precision Nutrition Coach (2015)
  • FDN-Practitioner – Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (2016)
  • HTMA Practitioner Certification (2017)
  • Yoga Tune Up Certification (2017)
  • IKSFA Level 2 Sport Coach (2017)
  • Mineral Mastery Course (2018)
  • HTMA Expert Course (2019)