Looking at Lisa you might not think her journey was a long and hard one.  It is Lisa’s perseverance that has continuously kept her climbing to the top of the every mountain to reach her goals.

As a child and young adult, Lisa was a figure skater and very active.  She faced her first bump in the road when her wanting to skate professionally turned into an unhealthy obsession with food, leaving her depleted, depressed and thin.  After her fight through two different eating disorders and with University behind her, she moved and got her start in the restaurant business.


After many years running, opening and renovating restaurants, Lisa was about to face the toughest part of her journey thus far. A time came in her late 30s where she could barely get out of bed in the morning, but being a business owner had no choice but to go to work. Lisa spent years, as well as tens of thousands of dollars, trying different things prescribed by Doctors and Naturopaths, but nothing seemed to work for her. She was left lethargic, depressed and hopeless.


One day as luck would have it a friend referred her to a Functional Medicine Practitioner (FDN-P). Knowing little about what that actually was, she contacted them anyways and the rest is history.  With the use of diagnostic testing, it came to light that Lisa not only had hypothyroidism, 2 parasites, a bacterial infection, yeast and hormonal imbalances, but also copper toxicity. The Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) testing was paramount in Lisa’s path back to wellness as this is what brought the overabundance of unavailable Copper to light. With the proper guidance to make dietary changes, get more rest, learn “how” to deal with stress, receive support through appropriate supplementation for balance, minerals and detox; she started to feel better.


During this journey, something came alive inside Lisa and she found her calling during her own journey back to wellness. She started her studies to become an FDN-P knowing that her personal experience and knowledge would lend a hand to helping those who were feeling hopeless, just as she once was.

Lisa is and always will be passionate about personal growth and most of that for her is fitness and competition based around kettlebells. During her time of healing, as her health got better and better, exercise became part of her regime. Lisa has travelled all over the world competing at an elite level in Kettlebell Sport and is currently a multi-time world champion.


Lisa’s true drive comes from helping clients reach optimal health and their goals, that is exactly why she created Killah Health & Performance.  Lisa has been sought out by many as more and more people have autoimmune, hormone, fatigue, gut and thyroid issues, to name just a few. Contrary to popular belief, many times these issues are not about what is going on outside of the body, it is what is going on inside.  Unlike other companies, Killah Health uses diagnostic testing to pinpoint what is going on in the body, so vitality can be restored and there is no guesswork, just pure results.